The word ‘Foundation’ in Adventist Today Foundation is another word for a “cause” that has been created and supported by money from its members to help change something in society. We are not a foundation that gets large sums of money from a corporation or wealthy family, as is often the case with other foundations.

Adventist Today (AT) relies on a large number of friends of this ministry who regularly say, “I’m with you. You can count on me to support what you do.” It’s also too easy to think, “others are giving, so why do you need me?” We need you, friend, to sign up right now to become a Sustaining Member of AT.

We’re anticipating 280 friends or more will begin supporting AT at $169/year (or $15/month if you wish) this week. We believe one of those friends is you!

Please become a member right now. We take all credit cards, or we can take an electronic funds transfer from your bank account with your permission. It only takes 2 minutes. The signup service is safe and secure.If signing up on your smartphone or computer seems overwhelming, give us a call at 800.236.3641 and we’ll be happy to take your membership request right over the phone.

Thank you for letting us know you are there!