by Anelle Mashiri

By Anelle Mashiri
Submitted Nov. 26, 2014
My dad had a stroke in 2006; he passed away in January 2008.  I was not present at his funeral, it was a difficult time for me.  In my grief, I penned this poem. I thought to share it with someone out there who might be experiencing a terrible loss. The Lord provided the comfort that I needed at the time.

Anelle Mashiri – Leicester West SDA church in the United Kingdom

Walking slowly down the street,
Distant memories are buried in the past forever.
I ask myself, is it the end or just the beginning?
All I know is what’s left in the past:
I have lost a loved one.
A cold breeze brushes my face,
Faces in the winter mist smile at me.
They have no idea what’s inside of me.
I feel pain but I will not cry.
Death has come and ripped my heart apart
Taken my source of inspiration,
All my hopes and aspirations shattered.
Now I stand alone, wandering aimlessly in the crowd;
It’s the end of the chapter, and the beginning.
I begin to seek comfort in my season of distress,
Grief engulfs me like the angry waves.
My heart is wounded, my head is pounding,
My knees are weakened and my heart sinking.
I remember that God is my refuge and strength,
That he is close to the broken-hearted.
He’s a constant friend in a changing world.
A shelter in the time of storm,
An anchor when the tides are high,
He’s “balm of Gilead” that heals my aching heart.
Revelation 21:4