October 18, 2016:    More than 20,000 dinosaur bones, skeleton replicas, interactive technology and a 3-D printer will be on display at Southwestern Adventist University’s new Dinosaur Science Museum and Research Center.

The museum, which opens November 11, is intended to improve the preservation and study of bones in the Dallas-Fort Worth area.

The new facility will showcase over 20-years worth of faculty and student excavations of upper Cretaceous dinosaur bones from the Hanson Research Center in eastern Wyoming.

The excavations were led by the university’s Dr. Art Chadwick, a research professor of Biology and Geology at the school.

The bone collection at Southwestern has previously been featured in presentations at the Geological Society of America, as well as on film by the likes of National Geographic.

Photo of Dr. Art Chadwick in the old lab that has now made way for the Dinosaur Science Museum and Research Center. Photographer Caressa Rogers. Used with permission from SWAU.