12 August 2021 | The Wall Street Journal (WSJ) reported recently on the explosion of Delta variant cases that are stressing AdventHealth facilities and other hospitals in Florida to their limits.

“This surge has come at us like a freight train,” said Neil Finkler, AdventHealth Central Florida’s chief clinical officer, as quoted by the WSJ.

He said the dramatic escalation in cases is taking place as demand for other medical care has returned.

The August 9 WSJ article said that out of seven of AdventHealth’s Orlando-area hospitals, six were beyond full capacity.

The highly contagious Delta variant is increasing both the number of COVID-19 patients and their arrival rate, stressing the system’s ability to provide beds.

“Florida’s steep rise in coronavirus cases since late June has pushed COVID-19 hospitalizations to new records. Coronavirus patients now fill at least 43% of Florida’s adult intensive-care beds,” reports the WSJ.

“This really is a lesson to all of us and a warning for other parts of the U.S. that have not yet experienced this,” said Vincent Hsu, AdventHealth’s executive director of infection prevention.

Hsu added that vaccines are effective at preventing severe illnesses and hospitalization. According to the WSJ, Hsu urged the public and AdventHealth staff to get shots.

The WSJ reported that AdventHealth doesn’t require its workforce to get vaccinated but would not comment on this policy.

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