by AT News Team

Stanley Patterson, the author of the cover story on “kingly power” in the most recent paper edition of Adventist Today, will be one of the speakers at the Spiritual Renaissance Retreat, December 28-31, in the Monterey-Carmel region of California. The event will include a session exploring what happens next on the ordination issue in 2012.
Other speakers will include Charles White who will share a unique family perspective on this great-grandmother, Adventist founder Ellen White. Also, Charles Scriven, president of Kettering College and current presiding officer of the Association of Adventist Forums, and his wife, Dr. Becky Wang, a physician and administrator at Kettering Medical Center.
Pastor Jim Pedersen, president of the Northern California Conference, will participate in a question and answer session in which participants can ask a conference president “anything you want.” Other topics on the agenda include “Physics and the Dilemma of the Adventist Church” and “Leading by Humility or Arrogance.”
This is year 19 for this event organized by John Hughson, associate pastor at the Pacific Union College Church, in collaboration with Adventist Today and the Adventist Forum. “This is the best year end ‘get-away’ there is,” says Hughson. “Come to this unique family retreat for thought, insight and renewal. It is inspiration for a life that matters at its best.”
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