6 September 2018  |

A teacher at the Seventh-day Adventist Sunshine School in Bangalore, India, claims to have been assaulted and choked by the school treasurer Frederick Jayapaul.

“I had not been paid for seven months for the work I had done,” the teacher (not named) told the newspaper New Indian Express. “After school hours, I had approached the treasurer to enquire about my salary, but he held me by the neck. I could not breathe or shout and I ran away as soon as he left me.”

A cashier present denied seeing anything. “I just go to school, do my work and leave,” he told NIE. But another teacher, Vijaya James, recorded the cashier admitting that the incident had happened.

“I have seen him get rough with other teachers and parents,” said Vijaya James. “Even I was not paid for 10 months during my term in the school.”

The strangling caused the assaulted teacher months of pain.

Fredrick Jayapaul denied the allegations, saying he did not assault the teacher and paid all salaries.

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