by Debbonnaire Kovacs

This week, in chapter 18 of The Monastery of the Heart, “A Listening Heart,” I am struck mute by the clarity and beauty of the first few paragraphs. I shall add nothing.

There is a magnet in a seeker’s heart
whose true north is God.
It bends towards the Voice of God
with the ear of the heart
and, like sunflowers in the sun,
turns all of life toward
the living of the Word.
This listening heart is pure of pride
and free of arrogance.
It seeks wisdom—
everywhere, at all times—
and know wisdom by the way
it echoes
the call of the scriptures.
The compass for God implanted
in the seeker’s heart
stretches toward truth
and signals the way to justice.
It is attuned to the cries
of the poor and oppressed
with a timbre that allows
no interruption,
no smothering
of the Voice of God
on their behalf.