13 February 2021  |

An unsigned statement on social media has been acknowledged by the Columbus Ghanaian Seventh-day Adventist Church, by posting on its webpage.

The statement refutes the Ohio Conference (OCSDA) press release of mid-January, which had said that the congregation had of its own free will removed disgraced pastor Samuel Pipim from its membership, as a response to repeated accusations of adultery under color of Pipim’s authority as a pastor and young adult speaker and writer. It disassociates itself from the contents of the OCSDA press release, and appears to say that it did not cooperate with the Ohio Conference in some or all of what was acknowledged.

There has been no response as yet from OCSDA.

This statement caps a long back-and-forth between church leaders in Michigan and Ohio, and those loyal to Pipim, the latter having long refuted that Pipim did what he was accused of by multiple women—and that even if he did he should be forgiven and the use of his books and writings and presentations shouldn’t be curtailed.

Defenses of Pipim don’t mention any consideration for the women who are alleged to be his victims.

The statement can be read on the church’s web page here.

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