16 October 2018 | A female student at a Catholic-sponsored national high school in Kisii, Kenya, has been suspended by the school after she refused to take examinations on Saturday due to her Seventh-day Adventist faith.

According to Kenya’s Tuko news site, the unnamed student was sent home from Nyabururu Girls High School after she delivered a letter saying that she would not take upcoming Physics and Mathematics exams on Saturday. School administration recommended she get counseling.

In the letter, the student wrote, “Despite the consequences, I will never ever study or do exams on God’s own stationed Sabbath. I know that everything that happens God is always aware of it. I need not be afraid of the outcome. As God delivered Daniel from the den of lions, he will also deliver me. I know God is my Lord and King of kings.”

In a response letter on September 25, Principal Joyce Orioki sent the girl home. The principal said that school counselors had failed to change the girl’s beliefs and the issue was not viewed as a disciplinary case but instead required guidance from the school and the student’s parents.

The girl’s family has now removed her from the school and is trying to secure her admission into an Adventist school.

The South Kenya Conference, of which Kisii is a part, has 830 churches and a membership of 190,840.

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