18 October 2018 | An Adventist-run spa in São Paulo, Brazil, is launching the most extensive hydrotherapy program in South America.

Called Cevisa (Center for Healthy Life), the Adventist Medical Spa includes everything from geotherapy and herbs to several treatments including a Vichy shower, sauna, whirlpool and ozone whirlpool, Scottish shower, thermal contrasts, swirls, clay and coal bath, circular shower, sauna capsule with long infrared and contrast immersion.

The center aims to treat chronic communicable disease and to help customers improve their lifestyle. The administration of the facility seeks to communicate a message of spiritual healing to accompany the physical treatments that customers will receive.

The 600-square-meter (over 6,458 square ft.) facility will open for business on November 5.

“The use of hydrotherapy, balneotherapy, thermotherapy and cryotherapy can be performed for pain treatments, muscle relaxation, systemic optimization of organic functions, being a very useful tool for treatment – the new hydrotherapy relieves more than 50 diseases,” said the center’s medical director, Dr. Elson Nunes.

In addition to these therapies, the center will promote a vegetarian diet and exercise. Medical professionals from various disciplines will provide support.

According to the denomination’s Office of Archives, Statistics and Research, the Central Brazil Union Conference, of which São Paulo is part, has 1,155 churches and a membership of 258,454.

For more information on Cevisa, visit: CEVISA.org.br

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