This book takes on some of the most basic issues in the Adventist faith. It is written from the heart of a successful pastor who has a track record of communicating the gospel to all kinds of people, including some of the most unlikely groups.

Part one describes the authentic, biblical everlasting gospel that is centered in Christ. Part two relates the gospel to the Adventist understanding of the judgment in heaven. Part three focuses on gospel-based worship, including how to relate to controversial and practical issues such as exuberant praise, music, applause and uplifted hands.

This book is all about Jesus, all about His perfect grace and all about freedom from the chains of legalism and guilt. “We can’t add anything to God’s perfect grace, we just gratefully accept His glorious gift of salvation full and free! Finally, off the treadmill of working our way to heaven, we can make the gospel the basis for our worship and have the rest that only comes through trusting in the accomplishments of Jesus Christ on our behalf.”

The author is Tom Hughes, an Adventist pastor in Ohio, who has also served in Maryland and West Virginia, and directs Bible Biker Ministries. He once served as chaplain of the one of the largest national motorcycle clubs in the United States. He is also a singer/songwriter and a successful public evangelist. He and his wife have, over decades been able to ride their Harley-Davidson in every state in the nation. They have three adult children and nine grandchildren.

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“Tom and I have been friends for 40 years,” says Monte Sahlin, CEO of Adventist Today. “This is a book that you will want to read. It will warm your heart and provide practical help for both spiritual and church issues.”

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