November 9, 2016:    A groundbreaking ceremony for Blue Mountain Seventh-Day Adventist Elementary School in Hamburg, Pennsylvania, took place on November 6 after a tornado destroyed the original building on July 9, 2015.

A small crowd attended the event at which a plaque was given to the school’s principal, Rachel Wardecke, who had been trapped in the old building as the tornado destroyed it.

The Berks-Mont News reports that Wardecke said, “God is good, all the time,” upon receiving the plaque.

Dr. Jeff Bovee, the Vice President of Education from the Pennsylvania Conference of Seventh-day Adventists, credited Wardecke for her work to restore the school after the tornado.

“It is a tremendous challenge to face the loss of a school. There is more work to it than anybody realizes unless you’re on staff and you have to work through that.”

Boyee said that “the Seventh-Day Adventist education is alive and well in this community… We’re very excited about the very soon reality that a building is going to come up in this very location. Once again students will be able to come to this place to learn.”

Image file licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution by Henrik.