20 June 2019 | The politically conservative NOQ Report has published an article by writer JD Rucker titled “Why I choose to keep the Sabbath as an average evangelical Christian.”

Rucker stresses that he is not a Seventh-day Adventist in the June 1 article.

He advises those interested in studying the biblical support for a seventh-day Sabbath to do so directly from the Bible and with trusted teachers. He warns against getting “sidetracked into other teachings simply because some have commandeered the sabbath as a rallying cry to highlight their other beliefs.”

Explaining his rationale for keeping Sabbath, Rucker says, “I am a big fan of exegesis over eisegesis and there is very little compelling evidence that observance of the sabbath was either removed from the 10 Commandments or moved to Sunday.”

He adds, “We may be able to debate the meaning of Colossians 2 or subtle hints in other portions of the New Testament that downplay the sabbath, but at no point does it say there are now only 9 Commandments, nor does it say the 4th Commandment has been adjusted because of the death and resurrection of Christ.”

Rucker, who confesses that he is not the best Sabbath keeper himself, admits that he is writing the article on Sabbath.

He says that because it is Sabbath, he won’t indulge in an “exhaustive explanation of why the 3rd-century church chose to change the sabbath based on the machinations of leaders needing political expediency at the time.”

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