11 September 2020 | “You can have social justice without the gospel, but you can’t have the gospel without social justice,” said Adventist podcaster Michaela Jones in an article for Australia’s Adventist Record today.

Jones, who co-hosts the podcast Social JustUs podcast with Melissa Tracina, said that, “Some Adventists believe the Church should stop wasting precious time and resources on social justice issues, and focus on “spreading the gospel” instead.”

She argues that the gospel we spread has to have a practical, social justice component.

“The world is desperately craving hope, and we have a message that can give people all that their souls need. The offering of spiritual bread is what sets us apart from the crowd, but physical bread is also essential.”

She reminds readers of when Jesus preached to large crowds near the Sea of Galilee but refused to send them away without actual physical food as well.

“Even after ‘spiritually feeding’ the crowds, Jesus met their physical needs, and so must we. Otherwise, others will,” said Jones.

She said social justice “is the practical component of the gospel message” and called Jesus the ultimate social justice Advocate.

“He paved the way for you and me to be advocates too. As the world rallies together to fight against injustice, will we be on the forefront?”

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