How do you feel about the future? If you ask this question of several people, you will get a variety of responses. Some will be unrealistically optimistic, while others are full of fear, and the majority will fall somewhere between those extremes. God offers to come close to you, whatever your response is, and care for you.

We’re so delighted you’ve found AT1. From our inspirational message, to our thought-provoking AT Trending News, to our melodic moment of music, we trust this short program adds value to your week, and is becoming your first choice for a Friday night vespers. Here are our presenters this week:

Today’s Host – Stefani Leeper

Presenter – Pastor Spase Gligorov

Trending News – Bjorn Karlman

Musician – Christina & Ben George

For Reflection and Discussion:

1. Do you need to check in with a wise friend (or professional listener) to talk about how you feel about your future? Please don’t keep your thoughts and feelings to yourself; they are often more exaggerated in your mind than they are in reality.

2. How can we support advocacy efforts that create positive future opportunities for those who are disadvantaged?

Please tell your friends about these videos by forwarding this link to them. We hope these weekly videos prompt personal reflection, and are a discussion catalyst with your family and friends as you talk with them in the safe ways you connect during these unusual times.

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Live well. Love well.