“Our culture’s tilt is toward ‘doing’ in contrast to ‘being.’ We are jeopardizing the souls of our greatest resource as teams and organizations: the human being side of our doers.” Strategic Stop by Dr. Greg Nelson, an Adventist Today board member.

We’re so delighted you’ve found AT1. From our inspirational message, to our thought-provoking AT Trending News, to our melodic moment of music, we trust this short program adds value to your week, and is becoming your first choice for a Friday night vespers. Here are our presenters this week:

Today’s Host – Stefani Leeper

Presenter – Joey Oh

Trending News – Jammie Karlman

Musician – TD Praise

Please tell your friends about these videos by forwarding this link to them. We hope these weekly videos prompt personal reflection, and are a discussion catalyst with your family and friends as you talk with them in the safe ways you connect during these unusual times.

Discussion Question:

1. We live in a caffeinated culture, and we’re influenced by far more than the beverages we drink. What can you do to take purposeful pauses so that you don’t become overcommitted, jittery, and eventually exhausted?

2. What can motivate you to dust yourself off and get up again after a major setback forces you to take a break?

Live well. Love well.

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