28 December 2020  |

The latest issue of the Adventist Today paper magazine has arrived in many mailboxes.

If you’d like to receive the paper magazine, click here to make any donation to Adventist Today. You’ll be put on the distribution list for the upcoming edition that is mailed out during the middle month of every quarter.

If you wish to receive a sample digital edition of the magazine by email, make that request to members@atoday.org. You will also receive our weekly update which gives the times and topics of our popular Sabbath service, the Adventist Today Sabbath Seminar.

Here’s what you’ll find in the current issue:

  • Another Look at the Three Angels, by Herold Weiss
  • An Apostate Like Me, by Debbie Hooper Cosier
  • Are We Using Prophecy Correctly? by William McCall
  • Black Lives Matter and The Apocalypse, by Christopher C. Thompson
  • The Peculiarity Plague, by Thandazani Mhlanga
  • An Adventist History Lesson, by Lindsey Abston Painter
  • From “Me” to “Thee”: Jesus in the Book of Revelation, by Steve Case
  • How Prophetic Are We, Really? by Loren Seibold
  • Prophecies Unfolding Before Our Eyes: What We Are Missing in Our Interpretations? by Jeanne Mogusu
  • 666: The Story of an Enigmatic Number, by Reinder Bruinsma
  • The “Spirit of Prophecy” in Revelation, by Olive J. Hemmings
  • Can Leadership Be Christian? by John Brunt

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