Last Sabbath (October 6) Pastor Dwight Nelson, senior pastor of Pioneer Memorial Church on the campus of Andrews University, spoke on the issues related to extending to women ordination to the gospel ministry. He ended with a call to action and the Association of Adventist Women (AAW), meeting that evening in business session, voted to invite Seventh-day Adventist laity to be heard on the issue of unity through a letter-writing campaign after the model of Amnesty International.
“It is hoped that a mountain of personalized envelopes will remind leadership that the church is made up of individual members, of whom over 60 percent are women,” the AAW call stated. “Therefore, we will have no unity without equality.”
“Please join the Association of Adventist Women in expressing support and solidarity for ordination equality by writing a letter with the following message to General Conference President Ted Wilson.” It is particularly important to send your letter this week if you would like to be heard before the Annual Council of the GC executive committee,
“Dear Elder Wilson:
“In this season of debate about equity in our church, I am praying for you and other leaders. I believe that there can be no unity in our church without equality, and that the Spirit is calling women in these last days, as prophesied in Acts 2, to proclaim the Word as ordained gospel ministers. Thank you for listening.
“Your name
“Your home church
“Please hand write this message, in these words or your own, and send it by mail (preferably in a colorful and/or unusually large-sized or shaped envelope) … to:   President Ted Wilson, 12501 Old Columbia Pike, Silver Spring, MD 20904.”
“We wish to convey to Pastor Wilson that there is a mighty throng of individual church members whose voice should be heard on this matter. We hope that personal, hand-written notes of different sizes, shapes and colors may help create a symbolic mountain to convey this message.”
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