July 19, 2017:    Artificial Intelligence software is being used by Adventist Health facilities in Oregon to treat patients.

According to Healthcare IT News, Adventist Health is using Bright.md, a virtual care tech developer to help treat patients remotely.

Using Bright.md’s product SmartExam, patients receive care from providers via a mobile phone or computer.

The AI-enabled software interviews patients, and then uses the answers to gather more information. This information is communicated to healthcare professionals.

The AI tech learns about each patient’s needs and condition over time so as to offer smarter care.

SmartExam helps physicians remotely deliver high-quality service, diagnosing and treating patients in a matter of minutes, says Bright.md CEO and co-founder Ray Costantini, MD.

“That’s far less time than the typical 20-minute in-office visit.”

According to its website, Adventist Health has a workforce of 32,900 including more than 23,600 employees; nearly 5,000 medical staff physicians; and 4,350 volunteers.

In addition to its 20 hospitals, the system owns over 280 clinics.

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