The coronavirus has brought considerable grief worldwide. Deaths, restricted access to hospitals and care facilities, loss of jobs, and the list goes on and on. The way Jesus handled his grief is insightful.

Welcome to Anticipating AT1. To keep our hope alive that one day we will be back together again, we are providing virtual meetings, with a new edition every Friday. Anticipating AT1 is 10-15 minutes long, and can be viewed at any time. We hope it prompts personal reflection, and is a discussion catalyst with your family and friends as you talk with them in the safe ways you connect during these unusual times.

Discussion Questions:

1. Have you taken time to reflect on the grief you are experiencing in these uncertain times?

2. Are you aware of the grief being experienced in your friendship circle, and are you taking steps to be of support to those people?

3. Is it possible to be sad and glad at the same time? Or does optimism blind you to reality and make you more vulnerable to exploitation?

Be well, and love well.