We’re so glad you’ve found Anticipating AT1. To keep our hope alive that one day we will be back together again, we are providing virtual meetings, with a new edition every Friday. Anticipating AT1 is 10-15 minutes long, and can be viewed at any time. We hope it prompts personal reflection, and is a discussion catalyst with your family and friends as you talk with them in the safe ways you connect during these unusual times.

This week’s theme challenges us with this thought: Often what we say about others says more about us than it does about them. If they fall short of our expectations, or we think they’re evil, or too thin-skinned, these thoughts and feelings may be very revealing about ourselves. Jesus wants to help us make healthier choices.

Marion Ruybalid introduces this week’s edition of Anticipating AT1. Our message of contemplation is presented by Pastor Michaela Lawrence Jeffery. Bjorn Karlman brings us Adventist trending news. And stay by to listen to beautiful music by the Thompson family.

Discussion Questions:

1. It’s too easy to major on minors, and not let the main thing be the main thing. How can you intentionally follow Jesus better this coming week than you did last week?

2. What do your actions say about what’s on your heart? Are you willing to share details?

3. In a time and society as polarized as ours, what we think and say about each other matters more than ever. What can we do to honor the memory of John Lewis through the words and actions we choose going forward?

Be well, and love well.