Do you see in others potential they may not even see in themselves? Do you tell them about what you see or sense, or do you keep it to yourself? What a wonderful gift it is to take the time to first notice, then build into your friends’ lives, words of affirmation and possibility.

We’re so glad you’ve found Anticipating AT1. To keep our hope alive that one day we will be back together again, we are providing virtual meetings, with a new edition every Friday. Anticipating AT1 is 10-15 minutes long, and can be viewed at any time. We hope it prompts personal reflection, and is a discussion catalyst with your family and friends as you talk with them in the safe ways you connect during these unusual times.

Joel Ruybalid introduces this week’s edition of Anticipating AT1. Our message of hope is presented by Pastor Jennifer Deans. Bjorn Karlman brings us Adventist trending news. And stay by to listen to beautiful music by Alix Mansker.

For Discussion:

1. Leading the North American Division of the Adventist Church is an incredibly challenging task even for someone of Alex Bryant’s abilities and experience. How can we as members of the Adventist community support strong leadership for the next chapter of ministry in this important world region?

Action Prompts:

1. Think about three people. One is a family member, another a friend outside of work, and the third is a work colleague. Intentionally observe their lives and look for those qualities you admire about each one. Write it down so you don’t forget what you’ve seen, heard, and felt.

2. Set an appointment with each person (in person, preferably, or via Zoom or FaceTime so you can see each other) and offer to them your word gifts. Encourage them to step up giving these gifts to the world, because they are so important and needed.

Be well, and love well.