Why is it that when the general public is surveyed to discover what they know about Adventists, they know more about what we’re against than what we’re for? Maybe that’s how we’ve presented ourselves, and the boomerang effect has come back to bite us.

We’re so delighted you’ve found Anticipating AT1. From our inspirational message, to our thought-provoking AT Trending News, to our melodic moment of music, we trust this short program adds value to your week. Please tell your friends about these videos. We hope they prompt personal reflection, and are a discussion catalyst with your family and friends as you talk with them in the safe ways you connect during these unusual times.

Today’s Host – Nancy Myers

Presenter – Chris Oberg

Trending News – Jammie Karlman

Musician – Lyn Patton

Discussion Questions:

1. When you’re asked by a neighbor or co-worker about Adventism, do you find yourself saying, “We don’t do this and we don’t do that,” or do you express how your community of faith adds so much value to your life?

2. Is it better to stand for principle or to stand for people?

Be well, and love well.