By S M Chen, posted 9-8-2016 by D Kovacs

Here is the first response to my challenge to send me more Fibonacci poems! Thank you, Sam Chen! He made it all the way to 55 syllables–anybody care to try to beat that? Whether you do or not, do send me yours at DLK

A Fibonacci poem, in which the # of syllables per line = the sum of the # of syllables in the 2 preceding lines.




have thought

that one man

would be inspired to

come up with a numerical

sequence that depicts so many things found in nature

such as leaf arrangement in plants, pattern of florets of a flower, bracts of pinecones,

spirals of seashells and whorls of galaxies and hurricanes?  This Golden Ratio, symbol for which is ‘phi,’ one point six one eight, is a

fundamental characteristic of the universe.  Can one, by searching, find the divine?  The question vexed Job, but Fibonacci, if he did not, may have come close, for has it not been said that nature is God’s second book?


photo from Pixabay; public domain

S M Chen lives and writes in California.

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