16 July 2021 | A Congress on Social Justice at Andrews University (AU) this fall will discuss issues of global imbalance and their biblical solutions. The October 14-16 event will stress humanity’s role in caring for creation and tackling injustice.

“I hope that those who attend will be educated about issues of social justice, equipped to tackle them, and empowered to make a difference in their communities,” said Willie Hucks, associate professor of pastoral theology and homiletics and chair of the Congress on Social Justice planning committee, as quoted by an Andrews University press release.

The congress will be a hybrid event with in-person and virtual attendance available.

Speaker details are as follows:

Thursday, Oct. 14: Christian Dumitrescu will deliver the keynote address titled “Sex Trafficking and Social Justice.” Dumitrescu teaches World Mission and Intercultural Studies and Research at the Adventist International Institute of Advanced Studies (AIIAS) in the Philippines. He is the editor for the Journal of Asia Adventist Seminary and a regional editor for the Journal of Adventist Mission Studies. He has also spent several decades studying current social issues.

Friday, Oct. 15 (first plenary session): Akintayo Odeyemi will present “Female Genital Mutilation and Social Justice.” Odeyemi has worked in community development industry for over 25 years, serving most recently as ADRA Africa Regional Office executive director.

Friday, Oct. 15 (second plenary session):
Joel Raveloharimisy, associate professor of behavioral sciences at Andrews University, is presenting “Environment and Social Justice” for the second plenary session on Friday. Raveloharimisy works to alleviate poverty in Madagascar and has raised funds for schools, churches and medical facilities in the nation.

Saturday, Oct. 16: Wintley Phipps will be preaching for the Sabbath service. Phipps is an Adventist minister, singer, songwriter, record producer, and founder of the U.S. Dream Academy, Songs of Freedom Publishing Company, and Coral Records Recording Company.

According to the AU press release, the congress will address the following topics: “Social Justice, Adventism, and Fundamentalism,” “Domestic Abuse and Social Justice,” “Preaching Social Justice,” and “Restorative Justice.”

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