18 July 2021 | A July 18 Facebook post from the Allegheny East Conference (headquartered in Boyertown, Pennsylvania) announced the passing of the conference president, Henry J. Fordham III, and his wife, Sharon Fordham, early this morning.

According to NBC Philadelphia, the fire started at about 12:30 AM Sunday at the Fordhams’ home in Amity Township of Berks County.

The bodies of Fordham and his wife were found in a second floor bedroom. A man who had tried to rescue the couple was taken to the area’s Reading Hospital after sustaining injuries. He had escaped from a second floor window.

Authorities have not yet determined the cause of the fire.

The Facebook announcement from the Allegheny East Conference reads as follows:

We are devastated to report the passing of our beloved president, Henry J. Fordham III, and his loving wife, Sharon Fordham. They passed tragically in a house fire early this morning (July 18th). More information will be shared as received. We are soliciting urgent prayers for the Fordham and AEC family as we process this great loss for our conference. #AECprays #AECCares

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President of Pa. Christian Organization and Wife Die in House Fire


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