20 February 2019 | An Adventist church in Albany, Georgia, is planning a community garden which it believes will promote hope in the community.

Emanuel Seventh-day Adventist Church made local headlines as WALB 10 News covered its plans to start the “Hope Garden” on church property. The project will feature both a community garden and a park.

Pastor Joshua Nelson said that the church had secured partnerships from Home Depot, the city of Albany, area farmers and SOWEGA Master Gardeners for the new community attraction.

WALB 10 News reported that the church hoped the gardens would also help to fight child hunger and promote healthy lifestyles in the community.

The congregation is actively seeking more help in the form of volunteers to help create the park, and work is due to start at the end of March.

Local residents can contact Nelson by calling (229) 338-6397 or emailing him at pjnelson25@gmail.com.

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