From News Release, June 19, 2015:   Hundreds of young adults will be involved in ministry projects with the homeless, visiting prisons and juvenile centers, doing makeovers of homes, planting community gardens, conducting community health ministries and creating street art while the denomination’s General Conference (GC) Session is underway in San Antonio, Texas, July 1 through 11. Impact San Antonio will be an action-oriented program as well as a serious time of Bible preaching, prayer and spiritual growth.

Speakers for the young adult evening meetings at the Marriott Rivercenter will include Jose Rojas, the noted evangelist who once served as youth director for the Adventist denomination in North America; Pastor Rebecca Davis, the young adult coordinator on the staff of Berean Church in Atlanta, Georgia; Pastor Eddie Hypolite, senior pastor of the Avondale College Church in Australia; David Asscherick, well-known conservative preacher from the Light Bearers independent ministry; Pastor Raewyn Hankins, senior pastor at the Victorville Adventist Church in California and one of the women ordained by the Pacific Union Conference; Stephan Sigg, youth ministries director for the denomination’s Inter-European Division; as well as Pastor Gilbert Cangy, GC youth director and Pastor James Black, youth director for the North American Division.

The discipleship experience will use the unique cosmopolitan, multicultural milieu of the San Antonio metropolitan area to help young adult develop skills for creative ministry and missional impact. In addition to the full-time community action projects throughout the ten days, there will be thousands who join the large rallies on the two Sabbaths at the Rivercenter, 101 Bowie Street. The full program will begin at 2 pm on Wednesday, July 1, and run through Saturday night, July 11.

“The active, visible ministries of kindness and demonstrations of God’s care that these young adults will be doing as the delegates debate and hear reports,” one veteran youth worker told Adventist Today, “may do more to shape the understanding that the local residents have of the Adventist message than anything else that happens in San Antonio.” It will also help to send young adults back to Adventist congregations around the globe with new energy and commitment, as well as new ideas about the mission of Christ and their part in it.

It has become a tradition during recent decades that instead of “youth meetings,” the young adults from the families gathered at the GC Session get involved in active community service and evangelism. All together, perhaps as many as 75,000 individuals will come to San Antonio for the event, while less than 3,000 are official delegates and staff.

Interested individuals 18 to 35 years of age can get more information and register to participate at: