by Adventist Today News Team

One of the Christian publishing industry’s top awards was given to Adventist Today last week for the November-December 2012 issue with a cover article on “Aesthetics and Intelligent Design.” Adventist Today was given an Award of Merit by the Associated Church Pres (ACP) at its annual awards banquet on April 4.
Most of the Protestant and Catholic periodicals, including web-based publications, are members of ACP, as is Adventist Today. “Many Adventist magazines belong,” explained Adventist Today editor J. David Newman, including the Adventist Review, Ministry and many of the union conference papers. This is the second time Adventist Today has received an award from ACP. “Our designer is Chris Komisar,” Newman noted, who had a key role in winning this year’s award.
The joint staff that produces the Adventist Review and Adventist World announced yesterday that they received nine and two awards, respectively. Together, the two publish on a weekly schedule so they have more issues to submit to ACP. Ministry, the Journal of Adventist Education and the Canadian Adventist Messenger also won awards this year.
The other periodicals are published by various organizations within the denomination’s structure. Adventist Today is published by an independent foundation with the sole purpose of providing quality journalism and a full range of opinion for the Adventist movement, as well as space for poetry, creative writing and the arts.
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