July 23, 2015:   A new radio station has been launched by an Adventist entrepreneur which may be the first with programming focused almost entirely on health promotion. Glen Striemer, an Adventist who owns three successful Internet radio stations, decided to turn his sights toward the natural healing industry, a huge and growing market today.

Striemer found “no shortage of Eastern Religion, psychic radio networks and charlatans seeking a buck.” But he didn’t find even one Christian radio station that concentrated on health. “When we saw this landscape,” he told Adventist Today, “we thought, what a place to go in with our health message!”

The result was Natural Way Radio, launched at the beginning of the month. “We believe [it] is the first 24/7 global Christian Natural Healing station,” said Striemer. He used the NEW START concept (Nutrition, Exercise, Water, Sunshine, Temperance, Air, Rest, Trust in God) for program development. Listeners will find a mix of peaceful music interspersed with short segments on a variety of health topics, such as vegan cooking, stop smoking seminars and moments with counselors who answer questions listeners send in.

The station also provides three-minute messages designed for people interested in alternative spirituality, such as heaven and angels, as well as social justice issues. The goal is to mingle the gospel with the practical, and to reach more listeners with health information.

Striemer’s other three stations each target a different segment of the population. Loud Cry Radio targets conservative Christians (not necessarily Adventist), Native Christian Radio reaches out to the three million Native Americans living in North America, and SDA Radio caters to those Adventists who may not be comfortable with everything on Loud Cry Radio. These stations are commercial radio and depend on advertising.

Much more information is included in a story in the Feature section of Adventist Today. Read the whole story here.