From The Visitor, Jan. 29, 2015:   A company that provides school reviews for families and potential students has ranked the Adventist secondary school in the Takoma Park (Maryland) suburb of Washington DC among the top 100 private schools in the state. Takoma Academy (TA) is operated by the denomination’s Potomac Conference and located a mile from the campus shared by Washington Adventist University, Washington Adventist Hospital and Sligo Church in an historic Adventist neighborhood. The Niche company publishes a report ranking 3,880 private schools based on student statistics and survey data from 16,000 students and parents.

The ranking indicates that TA provides exceptional academic programs and has a diverse group of high-achieving students who rate their experience at the school very highly. The school serves students from throughout the three-state metropolitan area of the United States capital but it is not a boarding school.

Principal Carla Thrower was thrilled with the news. “I feel that this validates the great strides we have been making at the school to have a spiritual and academic environment that propels Takoma Academy to the top tier of academic institutions,” she says.

Niche measures academics, which account for 60 percent of the ranking; student culture and diversity, accounting for 30 percent; and survey responses at 10 percent. High Niche rankings generally indicate that students are happy with all aspects of school life, including academics, teachers, spiritual life, facilities, sports and fitness.

The company states that its top-rated schools have exceptional academics, as seen in the teachers, students, resources for learning and student outcomes. TA meets these requirements, along with having a diverse population and fostering a positive, accepting school culture. TA students are also involved in religious activities, a variety of extracurricular groups and physical exercise opportunities.

The Visitor is the publication of the Seventh-day Adventist denomination’s Columbia Union Conference in the mid-Atlantic region of the U.S.