“We thank ADRA for turning their attention to the students here on the Providencia Island with the donation of computers which will be of great use to them,” said Morales. “This will strengthen all the educational subjects.”

The computers will benefit nearly 1,000 children and adolescent pupils enrolled in the designated schools, said Flórez. In addition, the Adventist school in San Andres received 10 new computers from ADRA.

The ADRA Colombia team and church leaders traveled to San Andres to deliver the computers on July 13, 2021. “ADRA believes in education, and we are here to hand over these devices that will undoubtedly contribute so that children can develop the educational process together with their teachers in the best way,” said Pastor Edgar Redondo, president of the church in North Colombia.

This initiative, which was coined as “Computers of Hope,” will help students strengthen their reading, computer and all their academic classes to continue learning as they grow, ADRA leaders said. “We want them to feel that Colombia is here for them and is covering each one of their needs,” said Flórez.

Since Hurricane Iota hit the Colombia islands in November 2020, the Adventist Church and ADRA Colombia have assisted in the clean-up, and have provided food and supplies to dozens of families. In addition, ADRA deployed several tons of humanitarian aid from Puerto Rico to provide emergency shelter for victims and support the reconstruction project in the archipelago.

Image credit: ADRA Colombia

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