Domestic abuse and what the church can do about it is the focus of the 37th annual meeting of the Association of Adventist Women (AAW), November 16 and 17 in Loma Linda, California. An all-day workshop will begin at 9 am on Sabbath, and Saturday night at 7 pm the Woman of the Year Banquet will be held. Also, Pastor Dan Jackson, president of the denomination’s North American Division will be presented with the Champion of Justice Award for his leadership in bringing women into Adventist pastoral ministry. The event will conclude with a 9 am brunch on Sunday.

Workshop presenters will include Dr. Mabel Dunbar, founder and president of Women’s Healing and Empowerment Network in Spokane, Washington, on “Root Causes of Unhealthy Relationships”; Dr. Barbara Hernandez, professor of medical education at Loma Linda University, on “Who’s Abusing and Why It’s Hard to Break Free”; Dr. Jon Mundall, a physician with offices in Cornell and Spokane, Washington, on “The Many Faces of Domestic Violence”; Tamara Schreven, president of Haven of Hope Ministries, an outreach to abused women and children, on her personal journey; and Dr. Colin Dunbar, an Adventist pastor and evangelist, on “Forgiveness, Recovery and Restoration.”

The workshop is designed to discuss the dynamics of domestic abuse: its causes, effects and prevention. Emphasis will be placed on how church leaders and members can play significant roles in helping families deal with domestic abuse, and direct them to services and programs that provide safety, counseling, education and emotional healing.

The mission of Christ is to be the mission of His followers: “To heal the brokenhearted” (Luke 4:18). Adventists can be instrumental in helping our homes and churches to be supportive, nurturing, empowering, healing and safe environments for persons who have experienced or are suffering domestic abuse.

Space is limited, so pre-registration is available either online or by telephone. The web address is  and the phone number is (951) 837-1450.