September 11, 2017:      Sixteen years later, Americans remember that tragic day. On the evening of September 11, 2001, members of a small church in Ohio met to grieve, pray and wrestle with the questions that focus on why did God allow this and what does it mean.

Pastor Loren Seibold shared in a book published by Pacific Press the answers he found as he searched the Bible and prayed for spiritual insight. The book is a refreshingly honest look at suffering and practical help as we try to work though the hurt and bewilderment. It is entitled A God We Can Trust.

It is about themes that returned in recent days with the devastation of hurricanes that have driven millions from their homes across the Caribbean and in Texas and Florida, as well as a major earthquake in Mexico and ongoing wars in the Middle East, Africa and many other places. This book may well be more useful today than when it was first published. Copies are available here.

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