By S M Chen, posted 12-1 2016 by D Kovacs

Genesis records the origin of planet Earth, its interacting celestial bodies, its sky, seas and land, and the creation of Earth’s abundant contents.  Rain had not yet been invented.  Rather, all living matter, including vegetation – trees, plants, flowers – received moisture from a mist that rose from the ground.

Although they came from different places (Adam from the dust of the earth, Eve from Adam’s rib), by virtue of their being denied access to fruit of the tree of life after the Fall, our first parents were destined to return to a common end – dust.

And thus it has been for every mortal since – with the rare exception of those fortunate few who were granted immortality without passing through the valley of death.

That invisible line which separated Creator from created would be maintained.  Although the former was immortal and knew both good and evil, that combination was deemed inappropriate for the latter.  Infinite wisdom?  Likely.

Death, hitherto unknown, reared its ugly head, for God replaced the fig leaves with which they had covered their nakedness with the skins of unspecified animals.

With indescribable sorrow Adam and Eve left the garden, the setting of so much initial contentment and pleasure.  As they departed, they may have looked back at the angel with flaming multidirectional sword who guarded the east entrance to Eden, but, unlike the wife of Lot at a later time, they did not become pillars of salt.  The only salt they tasted was from their own copious tears of remorse.


Although it is not recorded quite thusly, I think it plausible that the Almighty, in His infinite mercy, may have told the sorrowful couple something like this:

“Adam, I have told thee, cursed is the ground upon which thou walkest.  Sorrow shall mark your days.  Thorns and thistles shalt choke out the herbs thou shalt eat.  Thou shalt till the ground by the sweat of thy brow.  From dust thou art, and unto dust shalt thou return.

“Eve, I will greatly multiply thy sorrow.  In sorrow wilt thou bring forth children, and thy husband shall rule over thee.”

The sad couple could not have looked more crestfallen.  Silent, they could not hold up their heads.

The Almighty continued, ‘But, behold, I have given thee a gift.  It doth not speak thy language, and thou wilt not know its.  Its love for thee will be like unto mine and, perchance, with time, it will become thy best friend.  It will cherish thee more than it cherishes itself.  Its constancy will be as the stars of heaven.  If thou art halt and blind, it will succor thee.  It wilt comfort and even save thee in ways thou canst not imagine.”

And suddenly there appeared outside the entrance to Eden a pair of grey members of the canine family, resembling wolves.  They loped toward Adam and Eve, who shrank back.

“Be not afraid. They will not hurt thee.”

Although the four-legged animals wagged their tails, Adam still seemed tentative.  “I have not seen these before,” he said.  “So I did not have a chance to name them.  Do they have names?”

“The name of this animal has the same letters as mine, only in different order.”

Adam looked perplexed, Eve no less so.

“D-O-G,” said the Almighty.  “Dog.”


Here is an under-two-minute video that warmed my cockles.  It may do the same for you:

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