22 August 2022  |

Dear Adventist Today:

Kudos for the overall value of the Summer print edition of Adventist Today, entitled “Women in Ministry.”

I consider myself to be reasonably well informed as to the contribution that women have made to this denomination in the past. The Summer 2022 issue has informed me as to the contribution of many women of whom I knew nothing. The discussion of the basis for the authority to ordain women will inform many who have not understood this in the past. The article on the first ordination of female pastors can serve as the foundation for further discussion, as will as the information on the ordination of Ellen White.

In my opinion, the value of this issue goes well beyond the small group of people who may currently be reading Adventist Today. I believe its value extends out to the Adventist membership at large. It would be a service to this larger community if Adventist Today would place this entire issue on the internet, and make it freely available to all. Such would also enlighten many who are not well informed as to what Adventist Today has to contribute to the overall health of our denomination.

Gregory Matthews, retired chaplain
Sacramento area, California

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