23 May 2022  |

Because the process of changing gender-expression and outward identity is so far-reaching and consequential (especially when it takes place at middle-age and within Christian culture), I have found myself grasping a deeper reality: identity shapes hermeneutic. Who we are in context deeply affects the ways in which we read and understand the Bible.

Esther Loewen is a California transplant from Walla Walla, Washington. Elle’s professional life has been filled with 16 years of full-time pastoral ministry (including a decade at the Walla Walla University Church), publishing a book about keeping secrets, and earning a master’s degree in leadership from Fuller Theological Seminary. A transgender woman, Esther shifted career paths when she decided to transition to her next phase of life as a family therapist. She is married to Paige, her life partner of 17 years. They have the joy of parenting two brilliant, creative, energetic, and empathetic children, Sawyer and Finley. Elle can be reached at www.estherloewen.com.

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