26 February 2021  |

Dear Editor,

I have just about finished devouring the Winter edition of the Adventist Today magazine, and I do mean DEVOURING!  Your editorial was right on target, as were the articles. I am totally in favor of the “29th Fundamental Belief” even though I know that it will only exist in our minds and imaginations. 

For many years now I have viewed our church as the “big tent” that this issue is portraying for Adventism. When I was a pastor years ago in California, we changed the name of our church to North Coast Christian Fellowship in order to communicate the truth that we are Christians first and Adventists second. 

I see God’s church as a huge orchestra and Seventh-day Adventists play a part that needs to be heard but we are not the entire orchestra! 

Blessings, Loren, as you continue your valuable ministry.

Jere Webb
Eagle, Idaho

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