19 August 2020  |

Dear Editor:

I applaud the choice of Executive Pastor at Walla Walla University Church. What I’m concerned about is the final paragraph, where misleading/inaccurate statements are made.

The status and role reference should have the qualifying information that the policy limits what a commissioned minister can do, and how it discriminates because of her being ineligible to serve in presidential roles. The policy also requires the local congregation to elect the pastor as an elder.

The two ministerial categories are maintained because GC (General Conference) actions have prevented the ordination of women ministers.

I’ve discovered that what European Unions call commissioning differs from the commissioning done in our Division. So the question remains: when are the NPUC (North Pacific Union Conference) and the other unions going to have the courage to join Pacific and Columbia?

Yours truly.
Walter Sharp
Calhoun, Georgia

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