9 August 2019  |

Dear Aunt Sevvy:

I took a degree in one of those liberal arts fields that people make fun of as leaving you unemployable. But about a year ago, as an answer to prayer, I secured my dream job! It used my interest in the arts, it was something I did well, and I loved every moment of it. 

Then last week my employer told me that the money for my position wasn’t found in the budget for next year. 

I’m sad to lose the job, but what really bothers me is that I feel like God answered my prayers, and then promptly pulled the answer back. I’m not on the street (I have parents I can move in with) but I’m very disappointed in God right now.

Signed, Rug Pulled Out From Under Me

Dear Rug

That is so disappointing. Our current economy makes the loss of a job scary, but especially if it was your dream job! Aunt Sevvy sympathizes with you. 

In response to your disappointment in God: that’s completely understandable. You must be wondering: what is God doing?

The truth is, God never said everything would always work out for us. When Christians say that, it’s a setup for anger and disappointment at God. Life experience tells us that nothing in this life works out perfectly—for that, we have to wait for the next life.

I know this is hard to do, but I want to urge you to look on the bright side. You had a dream job that you were good at! You have a great reference and an addition to your resume. And, you have the satisfaction of knowing that not only does the perfect job for you exist, but you got it, despite what all those naysayers said when you were getting your degree. 

There’s a good chance that God’s plan includes you finding another job that also fits you perfectly!

Perhaps God facilitated this job opening for you, but meant all along for you to move on to new and different experiences. This job has given you confidence and experience—things many college graduates would crave. You can take these blessings, and move into a new life’s journey. 

But in the meantime, you’re understandably feeling at loose ends. And in truth, you may have to fill in with work that isn’t ideal until you find what is

But don’t lose hope! Just remember that many people have been disappointed in one moment of life, in love or in work, but later looked back to see that God’s hand was moving them through the whole experience.

Although I don’t know you, I’ve got a good feeling about your future, because you’re depending on God.

Aunt Sevvy

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