September 20, 2017:    According to a September 16 Business Wire report, Atlantic Natural Foods, the premier producer of shelf-stable plant-based protein, announced that it would donate $150,000 of its vegetarian products to hurricane victims in South Texas and Florida.

In tackling the hurricane relief effort, Atlantic Natural Foods is joining forces with Clark Distributing in Hendersonville, Tennessee.

Clark Distributing is, in turn, working with the Texas Conference of the Adventist denomination as well as the Adventist Book Center (ABC) stores for relief in the Texas area.

In Central Florida, Atlantic Natural Foods is working with Sunbelt Distributing to help the vegetarian community in South Florida and Puerto Rico.

Clark Distributing is collecting the vegetarian food products bound for the hurricane-damaged Texas and Florida regions. Music City Logistics Express in Lebanon, Tennessee, committed to providing the transportation.

The company has also sent its Loma Linda concession food truck to give hurricane victims thousands of hot meals. Atlantic Natural Foods expects to distribute 20,000 meals to those in need.

“It’s part of our culture. We believe that we are accountable to higher powers and we should serve all people to the best of our ability in our daily life,” said Steve Morris, COO of Atlantic Natural Foods, explaining the company’s actions.

“Our thoughts and prayers are with everyone affected by the hurricanes, including the heroic emergency responders on the ground as they work to provide relief during this difficult time,” added Morris.

Atlantic Natural Foods markets Loma Linda®, Neat® and Kaffree RomaTM products. The health food company operates its own product development kitchen, manufacturing and distribution facilities. It is based in Nashville, NC.

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