The September 14, 2018 Berlin-Central German Conference statement issued in response to the General Conference Unity Oversight Committee, compliance committee creation, and latest GC documents, concluded with the following statement:

“As a consequence, we [the B-CGC] call the members of the General Conference Executive Committee, 1. to reject the documents of the Unity Oversight Committee at the Annual Council in October; 2. to dissolve the Unity Oversight Committees which have been established without involving the Executive Committee and which, consequently, are unlawful; 3. to ensure that the Church leadership preserves the above stated values of the Church. Furthermore, it has to be clarified whether the current Church leadership continues to have a vote of confidence.”

The third statement is of particular interest.  If the original German is correctly translated, this statement is a call to consider a vote of confidence in the current Adventist Church leadership. This statement carries with it wide implications and raises significant questions.  Who will make the motion that will initiate such an action?  What group/committee has the authority to implement action should a vote demonstrate a loss of confidence in current church leadership?  Will such an action be limited to GC president Ted Wilson or other GC officers?

If the Adventist Church followed a Parliamentary form of governance, rather than the so-called Democratic form, Wilson, after having endured two no confidence actions, (rejection of the first Compliance/Unity document and the negative responses to the five committee document) would have resigned.

Larry Downing