5 February 2021 | The North American branch of enditnow (an Adventist campaign to address domestic abuse) has recommended an online resource for victims of domestic violence.

The article is titled “Domestic Violence During The Pandemic: Resources for Victims and Survivors.” It is offered by the relocation service MYMOVE.com.

The piece says COVID-19 quarantine has been “stressful – and incredibly dangerous” for victims.
It contains resources and practical advice on a number of issues connected to domestic abuse, including recognizing abuse and finding ways to safely leave an abusive environment.

“‘Shelter-at-home’ may be a safe haven for some, but for others, it’s a waking nightmare,” said Ruth Darlene, founder and executive director of anti-abuse organization WomenSV, as quoted by MYMOVE.

“Many victims are trapped at home day in and day out with their abuser, and are increasingly desperate as a result.”

The article stressed that COVID-19 does not have to be the reason to stay in an abusive home environment.

Below are links to specific topics the resource offers, related to surviving domestic abuse and leaving dangerous situations:

“There is light and life on the other side,” said Darlene. “Remember, you deserve to live in peace and safety and freedom in your own home – and so do your children.”

According to the enditnowNAD website, the North American Division of the Adventist Church launched the campaign to motivate churches and communities to help break the cycle of abuse.

The main focus is on raising awareness about domestic abuse and making congregations safe places for everyone.

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