21 October 2018 | Ubaldus Raymond, former Finance Minister for the country of St. Lucia, has been embroiled in a scandal in which he is alleged to have sent nude pictures of himself to Curshaby Alexander and Kershel Louis, two young women that had recently turned 18. The pictures are alleged to have been sent in 2017.

Raymond who also happens to be a father, husband and Adventist elder, claims to have been blackmailed by persons who allegedly demanded the equivalent of US$259 to prevent online sharing of the photos.

He filed a police complaint that was slated to be heard in a magistrates’ court before it was settled by mediation.

According to Caribbean News Now which reported news of the completed mediation on October 7, the photos that went viral were of Raymond in what appeared to be an office setting, reclining in a chair with his pants down and, “firmly presenting his penis to the camera.”

As the scandal broke, Raymond blamed the situation on political operatives that he claimed were trying to smear his name or intimidate him.

After the case was withdrawn from magistrates’ court and settled in private mediation, Raymond appeared to cast the blame for the controversy on the young women to whom he had allegedly sent the pictures.

“They [the two women] were very repentant in their apologies. I am happy it has come to an end. I encouraged them and told them that though they cannot erase their past however they need to focus on their future. They were very repentant in their apologies.

“I do accept their apologies and I always believe that forgiveness is always stronger than hate and revenge. I have forgiven these two young ladies for their criminal act against myself and my family and of course the rest of the country I would say.

“I encouraged them and told them that though they cannot erase their past however they need to focus on their future.”

Raymond has remained a minister in the government of St. Lucia despite the controversy.

According to the denomination’s Office of Archives, Statistics and Research, there were 48 Adventist churches in St. Lucia and 23,638 members as of June 30, 2017. One in seven people in St. Lucia is an Adventist.

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