23 July 2021 | Academy students from four Adventist Schools in the North Pacific Union recently went on Southwestern Adventist University’s annual DinoDig in Newcastle, Wyoming.

Sponsored by the North Pacific Union Conference (NPUC), the group of 27 (including teachers) were directed by Stan Hudson and Marella Rudebaugh from the NPUC Creation Study Center.

The dinosaur bone hunt took place on a ranch owned by a Christian family. The location is one of the largest dinosaur bone deposits in the United States. 

According to a July 15 Northwest Adventists news story about the bone hunt, everyone on the dig found something.

“On the DinoDig, I learned some pretty amazing and incredible things about dinosaurs. I also felt a lot closer to God,” said Sydney Barker, recent eighth grade graduate of Palisades Christian Academy in Spokane, Washington, as quoted by Northwest Adventists. “When I was digging up dinosaur bones, it made me think about how much God loves us and how He wanted to give this world a second chance. That became a lot more real to me on this trip.”

Image credit: Northwest Adventists

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