16 December 2018 | A short film by Michelle Noland, a film student at Adventist-run La Sierra University, has been picked to air on a PBS series.

The short film will be part of the series, “Film School Shorts.” Noland’s award-winning work, due to be released in April, is titled “She Isn’t Here.” The production explores agoraphobia, an anxiety disorder that can result in people feeling trapped and panicked in public places or with masses of people.

According to The Press-Enterprise, Nolan signed a deal with PBS affiliate KQED to be part of the “Film School Shorts” series.

The North American Division of the Adventist denomination has also hired Nolan as a cinematographer and editor on web series “I Am a Steward,” a promotional campaign to get the word out about the Adventist Giving app which was recently launched by the denomination.

La Sierra University is an Adventist university in Riverside, California. The institution enrolls over 2,400 students in undergraduate, graduate and doctoral level degrees.

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