December 13, 2017:    For the first time in Jamaican Adventist history, an ordained minister has also become an attorney-at-law. Omar Oliphant, who pastors five churches and serves as communication and youth director in the north of the country, was called to the Jamaican Bar on December 7.

The Jamaica Observer reported that Oliphant specialized in civil law at the country’s Norman Manley Law School in Kingston while fulfilling his pastoral duties in the St. Ann parish of the country located 65 miles away.

“This was the most trying period of my life, but one which brought not only new opportunities to learn, but clearly revealed the providential love of God,” said Oliphant, commenting on the path to this historic first. “God supplied my every need. I am truly amazed at how beautifully the Lord Himself provided and placed the pieces together… It was certainly not by might.”

Oliphant was also recognized for outstanding evangelistic achievements by the Jamaican Union Conference of the Adventist Church  after he baptized about 400 people during his legal studies.

“I commend Pastor Oliphant for what he has accomplished,” said Pastor Carlington Hylton, ministerial secretary for the North Jamaica Conference.

“He is a resilient person that is not daunted by challenges. During his studies, he has accomplished his goals as a youth and communication director serving two parishes — Trelawny and St Ann. His achievement will serve as an inspiration to the young people whom he leads. I am proud of him.”

Oliphant aims to help the Adventist Church in Jamaica to make policy decisions with his legal expertise.

“Given the vast and varied make-up of the church, its ownership of numerous institutions, its involvement in transactions relating to the law of the land, I see my studies and training as an additional plus, on top of my personal growth,” said Oliphant.

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