5 July 2020  |

An Apology re Adventist Today Sabbath Seminar from Loren Seibold:

Those of you who joined the ATSS yesterday anticipating a good July 4 discussion about patriotism and faith were shocked and disturbed at what happened. We were “zoombombed” by a number of actors, who disrupted our meeting with noise and music and insults and foul language and porn. After a few minutes we ended the meeting, when we realized these were automated “scripts” that were running too fast for us to handle manually.

We put up a new link on our FB page, and we had a good two hours of undisturbed discussion after that with those who came back. But of course we lost a large number of our participants by that time.

First, I’m very sorry that happened, and for the disruption and what you had to see and hear. We are new at doing this, and I’m sorry we weren’t ready for it.

Second, you need to realize that this was nothing personal directed against Adventist Today. I have no idea what they hope to get out of this other than entertainment by creating chaos. I was told they can literally start a script and it can run with little personal involvement on their part. 

Third, we’re going to beef up our security this week. This will mean it won’t be quite as easy to join as it was before: we will have to use some kind of password or invitation method, rather than the open one-click method we have been using. I’m sorry for the inconvenience.

Again, please give us another chance! I apologize again for the unpleasant stuff you were subjected to there. We’ll keep you informed about what happens next.

Loren Seibold
Executive Editor & ATSS class leader

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