by Ray McAllister

The Jerusalem Council, to all churches scattered about in the roman Empire. Grace and peace to you, and success in all you do, yada yada yada.

We must bring to your attention now a serious matter of discipline. The apostle Paul continues to preach and write views different from what we decided concerning eating foods sacrificed to idols. He says to the Corinthians that idols are meaningless, and so it really doesn’t matter if one eats food offered to an idol if it doesn’t offend another person.

We, on the other hand, clearly said, under inspiration of the Holy Spirit, that no food offered to an idol should be eaten under any circumstance.

It doesn’t matter if things are different in Corinth than here, Paul’s behavior in this matter is clearly a rebellion against established church authority. We, therefore, are issuing two directives.

First, all letters written by Paul should be banned and no longer circulated.

Second, we are disbanding all churches that Paul started and placing them under the direct authority of Jerusalem.

It is of no importance that Paul may be following his conscience, or that it may be nearly impossible where he is to find food not offered to idols. We must maintain our position of authority, so that order may be kept. By following these two guidelines, the work of the Holy Spirit can continue uninterrupted.

We hope to meet you soon, and all that.

With love,
The Jerusalem Council.

Ray McAllister has a Ph.D. from Andrews University. He is owner and Licensed Massage Therapist at Healing’s Rays Massage, and a professor for distance education religion courses at Griggs International Academy.

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